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Planet style wooden pen Business wooden crafts

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  • The planet is made of black walnut, and the gold-plated brass with different lengths at the bottom of the planet simulates the firelight ejected when the planet is advancing, and it has an upward visual impact as a whole.
  • The eternal pen that accompanies the planet is like a space station that crosses the starry sky, carrying the meaning of mysterious space and eternal civilization
  • The eternal pen has a nib made of a special metal, no rollerballs, and no ink. Its principle is that after the metal contacts the paper, it oxidizes instantly, leaving traces on the paper.
  • The eternal Pen can either hold the pen like normal writing or adopt the unique holding posture of sketching. Both have the same smooth writing experience.
  • The eternal pen has smooth lines and a slim body, small and light, which is very convenient for home use or carrying.
  • The pen holder is made of imported North American black walnut, which is dark in color, low-key, stable and textured.
  • Gold-plated brass with different lengths at the bottom of the planet, the bottom is smooth and not thorny, luxurious and stylish


  • Black walnut
  • Brass


  • 90x47x137mm

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