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Old time Radio retro wireless bluetooth speaker

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This retro Bluetooth speaker that surprised me at first glance is like a time machine, bringing my thoughts back to the old-time instantly. It not only has a retro and attractive appearance but also has high-quality sound quality, as well as a small and portable body. You can turn the music scene into a live house anytime, anywhere.
The built-in FM radio function seems to take us back to the youthful era when we were addicted to listening to the radio day and night. The excellent sound quality perfectly restores the music scene,It will accompany you to relax when you are free, give you a break when you are busy, and spend a long night with you when you are insomnia.

It's a design inspired by vintage radios from the 1960s, drawing on the design essence of vintage radios at their peak. Classic black walnut with retro metal, combining retro charm with fashionable design, a sense of the times with classic precipitation


  • Radio mode: FM single band
  • FM frequency range: 87-108MHz
  • Noise Limit Sensitivity: 30dB
  • Bluetooth specification: Bluetooth 4.2
  • Bluetooth receiving distance: ≤10m
  • Speaker: Mono speaker
  • Power: 1100mAh built-in lithium battery
  • Power:≥5W
  • Charge time: about 4-5 hours
  • Maximum consumption current: ≤900mA
  • Battery life: about 7-9 hours


  • Black Walnut
  • Gold Plated Brass


  • 110x58.7x85mm


  • about 260g
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