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Le Kitchen Breadboard

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Le Kitchen - Breadboard

Styling: We believe that while enjoying the food, we should also pay attention to the process of making the delicious food. Therefore, for the breadboard, we have made special considerations in the setting of the shape: pure, minimalist, rounded corners, and the proportion of the handle and the panel strive to be coordinated.


  • The edge of the panel has a groove design, which is convenient for storing crumbs and juices, and is very suitable for cutting panels.
  • It has an outstanding appearance. After cutting the bread, it can be directly taken out as a tray. It can be used for two purposes.
  • The handle comes with a floating design, which is easy to hold without getting your hands dirty.
  • Brass loopholes are provided on the handle for easy hanging.
  • Made of selected black walnut/maple wood, natural solid wood without glue splicing, not easy to crack; black walnut is darker in color, beautiful in texture, and each cutting board has its own unique wood grain. The color of maple is lighter, and the grain is even and delicate, giving people a refreshing and concise feeling.
  • This cutting board is suitable for cutting bread, vegetables and fruits, and light meals, but not for chopping bones


  • Black walnut
  • Maple wood
  • Brass


  • 445*200*21mm


  • Net weight of about 1Kg
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