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Freezer Jewelry Box vintage Wooden Jewelry Storage

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  • Refrigerator look, retro style
  • The original refrigerator shape makes the jewelry storage box also keep up with the aesthetic trend
  • The composure of black walnut and the timelessness of brass highlight the extraordinary texture
  • The handle is brushed brass for a glossy and attractive texture
  • Reasonable partition, large capacity
  • 5+1 large storage, there is space for rings, earrings, watches, and necklaces
  • Five layers of drawers, respectively storing rings, earrings × 2, bracelets, watches
  • The thick refrigerator door is hollowed out for hanging necklaces, making the most of the space
  • Flannel lined, gentle protection
  • The storage space is all covered with gray flannel to gently care for your cherished jewelry


  • Black walnut
  • Brass
  • Flannel cloth


  • Freezer: 132×155×216MM
  • Freezer Pro: 160x175x268MM


  • Freezer: 1.5Kg
  • Freezer Pro: 2.2Kg
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